Prices are inclusive of CO2 tax and 14% VAT
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Recommended Retail Price 1.2 TSI Design Manual 1.4 TSI Sport Manual 1.4 DSG® Sport
Retail Price R272,400 R337,300 R351,800
Metallic / Pearlescent Paint R900 R900 R900
Oryx White Colour R12,000 R12,000
Xenon headlamps with separate LED daytime running lights R8,350 R8,350 R8,350
Electric panoramic tilt/slide sunroof R9,000 R9,000 R9,000
Additional instrument cluster on dashboard includes boost pressure and oil temperature and stopwatch R1,250 R1,250 R1,250
Dashboard styling - Interior dashboard in exterior colour including upper door panel X No Cost No Cost
Cell Phone preparation R2,050 X X
Mobile Device interface Media-IN with iPod adapter cable R850 R850 R850
Composition media (Includes USB interface + Bluetooth) R5,600 R5,600 R5,600
"Discovery Pro" Navigation system (Includes Mapcare) R18,900 R18,900 R18,900
Chrome exterior mirrors in gloss R2,000 R2,000
Fender sound system with iPod/iPhone adapter R8,200 R8,200 R8,200
Technology Package(Includes flat tryre indicator + park distance control front, rear) R4,900 R4,900 R4,900
Keyless access with comfort start function "Press & Drive" R3,250 R3,250 R3,250
"Twister" Volkswagen Exclusive 18" alloy wheel R3,600 R3,600 R3,600
Leather trim "Vienna" with sports seats(includes heated front seats + lumbar support. **A combination of leather and high quality durable materials) R8,750 X X
Exterior Black Double Strip decal (bonnet, roof and tailgate) R5,000 R5,000 R5,000
Exterior Silver Double Strip decal (bonnet, roof and tailgate) R5,000 R5,000 R5,000
Black varnished roof in combination with non-metallic/metallic paint R1,200 R1,200 R1,200
Black varnished roof in combination with Oryx white paint R13,200 R13,200 R13,200
AutoMotion Service Plan 1.2 TSI Design Manual 1.4 TSI Sport Manual 1.4 DSG® Sport
Service Plan(5-year / 60,000km)
Service Plan Extension(5-year / 90,000km) R2,639.00 R2,713.00 R2,713.00
Service Plan Extension(5-year / 120,000km) R6,255.00 R6,803.00 R6,803.00
Service Plan Extension(5-year / 150,000km) R8,464.00 R9,161.00 R9,161.00
Service Plan Extension(5-year / 180,000km) R12,372.00 R13,606.00 R13,606.00
Service Plan Extension(5-year / 195,000km) R13,326.00 R14,635.00 R14,635.00
AutoMotion Maintenance Plan 1.2 TSI Design Manual 1.4 TSI Sport Manual 1.4 DSG® Sport
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 60,000km) X X X
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 90,000km) R16,074.00 R16,074.00 R16,074.00
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 120,000km) R32,148.00 R32,148.00 R32,148.00
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 150,000km) R48,222.00 R48,222.00 R48,222.00
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 180,000km) R64,296.00 R64,296.00 R64,296.00
Maintenance Plan Upgrade(5-year / 200,000km) R75,012.00 R75,012.00 R75,012.00